Reviews and Testimonials

“I’ve been using a Frantz Filter on my trucks since 1972. The same unit! Each time I’ve changed vehicles I removed the Frantz and installed it onto the new rig. I have had the unit on my present truck, a 1960 Chevy K-10, since 1982 and have just finished an engine upgrade with the Frantz Filter as a necessary performance part of the system. I don’t plan on changing rigs any time soon but if I do the Frantz goes with me.”

-Vern B.
Alamogordo, New Mexico

“My boat is a 2001 Malibu Wakesetter VLX. I plan on keeping this boat for a long time, and therefore wanted to take the best care of it I could. I studied up on oil and found that there is a huge difference in oil. But even with the best oil, filtration is still extremely important. I wanted a by-pass filter so that I didn’t need to constantly be changing the oil, and so that I would get much better protection. The Frantz Oil Cleaner/Filter was the best value, but most importantly it was the easiest to install and use. Since I have only been using it for 1 year all I can really say is that the oil appears to be much lighter in color than it was last year at this time. I am very pleased with the performance of the Frantz Filter.”

-Allan N.
Highland, Utah

“I’ve found that using your [filter media] makes a major difference in the effectiveness of the filter, and I’d suggest that anybody that is not using your roll is not getting the potential benefit from their investment in a Frantz Filter.
The looser wound rolls when soaked in oil become soft and mushy, allowing the oil to bypass the filtering element. When the roll is tightly wound as yours are, it does not allow the oil to bypass.”

-Austin F.
Peachland, British Columbia

“I did a lot of research to determine which was the best oil by-pass filter on the market for my ’09 Dodge Ram 6.7L Diesel Truck & concluded that it was the Frantz Bypass Oil Filter. Recently, I sent in an oil sample to Black Stone Labs to see how well the Frantz was working, the oil had 4,634 miles on it with all miles driven towing a 7.5k trailer.
As you can see by the oil analysis my “insolubles” were a very low 0.1%, as compared to the universal average of 0.8%. In other words my oil was 8 times cleaner than oil samples analyzed (with the same mileage) that had no bypass filter. Another thing I like about the Frantz is it will filter up to 6oz of water out of oil & my oil analysis showed 0.0% water in the oil as compared to the universal average of 0.1%.
I also compared my oil analysis to two other oil analysis published on a Dodge Cummins web-site with the same mileage on the oil, which had been filtered by an Ams/Oil Bypass Oil Filter & my oil was 3 times cleaner!
I highly recommend the Frantz Bypass Filters! The filter elements are easy to change and they filter better. The Frantz Filter units will last a life time. They are also the most economical unit on the market.”

-Wayne S.
Camden, Ohio