The Science

Frantz Test
The chart shown, is a result of a 3rd party oil analysis conducted by Blackstone Laboratories. These numbers come from a 6.0 L Powerstroke F-350 with over 215,000 miles.
The initial sample was drawn from the dirty motor oil that had been run for 4,711 miles, and was close to its next scheduled oil change. The test revealed 41,182 contaminating particles at 2 microns in just this small sample.
The next sample was drawn from the same dirty oil (without being changed) after adding a Frantz Filter for just 200 miles. This test revealed just 1,641 contaminating particles at 2 microns. That is a 96% decrease in contamination after just 200 miles!
The final sample taken was from brand new Shell Rotella Motor Oil, which revealed 1,818 contaminating particles at 2 microns. When comparing the analysis of running dirty oil through the Frantz Filter for 200 miles to the analysis of brand new oil, it is evident that the Frantz Filter keeps your oil analytically cleaner than brand new oil.

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When LSI began working with the Frantz line, the company studied 3rd party lab reports, reviewed Frantz company testing data and conducted internal baseline testing. With the Frantz Filter System, the oil clean-up is achieved by filtering the engine oil from the bottom of the unit through a 4.25 inch dense cellulose based filter media that is re-circulated back to the engine. Cellulose is a natural polymer and is a great material for filtering due to its high strength and random fiber size. The Frantz Filter maximizes effectiveness due to this specially designed and tested cellulose media and the correct degree of tautness around the filter’s core.

Micron Image
This filtering process removes the foreign particles and water out of the oil that can damage the engine. The Frantz Filter system removes carbon soot, gum residues, water, abrasives, and small metal pieces without degrading the detergents and additives in the oil.
The new Frantz Filter media, developed by LSI Laboratories, filters oil more than 10 times finer than an original equipment manufacturers filter – down to two microns. LSI is currently developing 2 additional filter media types designed for use in various applications.