TBN Booster

Oil Additive - 1 Quart


Product #: HSSTBN32Z , HSSTBN64Z

The ONLY additive that boosts Total Base Number

With FR3 Nano Lubricant Technology

 Hot Shot oil stabilizer increases TBN up to 7 points
Extends oil change interval
= Replenishes detergents & dispersants
 TBN Motor Oil increases engine combustion efficiency
Eliminates sludge & increases lubricity
 TBN Booster decreases oxidation
5+ year shelf life

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TBN Booster is the only fortified engine oil stabilizer that increases total base number (TBN) and viscosity by replenishing the detergents and dispersants that are naturally lost over time. When these detergent and dispersant additives are replenished, your oil will be able to effectively neutralize the acidic conditions that corrode your engine. TBN Booster is a concentrated formula that contains 100% active ingredients of a CK-4 Additive Package, a TBN Booster and the infusion of Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 FRICTION REDUCER.

CAUTION: Do not overdose vehicles with a diesel particulate filler.

Hot Shot’s Secret TBN Booster was formulated to extend the oil drain intervals of vehicles needing extended service when used in conjunction with our Blue Diamond Engine Oil or other diesel engine oils. TBN Booster can be used with synthetic or conventional engine oils.

Many drivers are using bypass engine oil filters to extend the drain interval of the engine oil. The engine oil is kept clean but the additives are depleted. Adding TBN Booster will resolve this issue. It will provide the engine oil the additives to effectively neutralize the acid and disperse the soot. Servicing and maintenance times can be significantly reduced due to the increase in neutralization number added to the engine oil.

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