Oil Analysis


Product #: OILTEST1
Frantz Filters recommends an oil analysis by Predictive Maintenance.

  • Lowering maintenance cost and improving equipment reliability since 1986.
  • Predictive Maintenance Services is a full service laboratory certified to ISO 9001:2000
  • Predictive Maintenance Services is an independent laboratory.
  • American owned, family business and proud of it.
  • Service is their most important product.
  • On-site training available.
  • Biodiesel, Ultra Low Sulfur and Low Sulfur Diesel testing. Cold weather properties, Sulfur content, ASTM testing.
  • Seminars to educate our existing customers and potential clients.


With the right oil and filter there is no telling how long our oil can last.

Predictive Maintenance will also tell you if you have any antifreeze or fuel dilution in your oil. This is extremely important to know. We purchase these test kits in bulk so we can pass on the savings to you. They are prepaid bottles so you just have to fill out the form and mail in the kit. They will mail or email you the results.


Below is an example of results from an Oil Analysis:


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