Gold Eagle Co. & Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI) Join Forces in Recent Merger

Gold Eagle Co., a family-owned and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer, has acquired Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI). Ohio-based LSI makes several fuel and oil products for the automotive industry, including the highly rated Hot Shot’s Secret brand line. Gold Eagle Co. and LSI share a mutual belief in making high-quality products that improve performance for private […]

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Protect your Bulletproof system with Frantz

Everyone wants their diesel to be tough, and able to overcome any job or obstacle in its path. The last thing you need is engine failure when you are relying on your truck the most. In the world of diesel trucks, bulletproofing is a term that refers to fixing the mechanical issues primarily associated with […]

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The Frantz Future!

Most of you are more than likely familiar with the Frantz Filter System in relation to the automotive industry, your grandpa probably was too! For over 60 years, the Frantz Filter has been a leading innovator in the cleaning of engine oil in cars and trucks. As the automotive market continues to flourish for Frantz, […]

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Measuring Microns – How Clean Is Your Oil?

A common term used in measuring extremely small particles is known as the micron. This unit of measure is used in determining the size of contaminating particles found in engine oil. We have proven that the Frantz Filter will remove oil contaminants down to just 2 microns, but what does this mean for your engine? […]

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New Filter Media Release

Lubrication Specialties, Inc. (LSI) has developed two new filter media specifically designed to filter engine oil more than 10x finer than an original OEM filter-down to just 2 microns. The more common of these two designs is known as the Cellulose media. This design is woven extremely tight in order to remove 96% of all […]

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