Protect your Bulletproof system with Frantz

Everyone wants their diesel to be tough, and able to overcome any job or obstacle in its path. The last thing you need is engine failure when you are relying on your truck the most. In the world of diesel trucks, bulletproofing is a term that refers to fixing the mechanical issues primarily associated with the Ford 6.0 L Powerstroke. The internal components of the 6.0 L are notorious for overheating and failing. By bulletproofing your engine, aftermarket parts and components are added to these internals allowing them to take a beating day in and day out.

Bulletproof systems are great investments for those who want their truck to remain strong. However, without proper oil filtration, even bulletproofing leaves a threat of future engine failure. A Ford 6.0 L’s fuel injection system heavily relies on a clean supply of oil. When the oil becomes contaminated, the injection system is easily interrupted, resulting in slow fuel delivery and poor engine performance. Particles of wear metals, soot, dirt, and other solid contamination pieces in your engine oil cause wear, form sludge and break down your engine over time. By adding a Frantz filter to a bulletproof system, you are providing your engine with the ultimate package to prevent failure.

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