Measuring Microns – How Clean Is Your Oil?

A common term used in measuring extremely small particles is known as the micron. This unit of measure is used in determining the size of contaminating particles found in engine oil. We have proven that the Frantz Filter will remove oil contaminants down to just 2 microns, but what does this mean for your engine?

You may think running brand new oil in your engine is the best way to keep contaminating particles out, however, new oil can be one of the worst sources of particulate and water contamination. New oil has been tested to show nearly 5,000 particles per milliliter measuring up to 14 microns! Particles measuring anything larger than 5 microns lead to engine sludge over time. Below you will find an illustration explaining just how small these particles can be.

Removes 96% of all particles

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  1. jolee fanton November 4, 2022 at 11:37 pm #

    what micron size particles are in new motor oil. does your filters remove the carbon

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