Protect your POWER, Protect your 6.0

6.0 kit

Frantz Filter 6.0 Kit

aconFilters 10x Finer than OEM
aconKeeps Oil Cool
aconIncrease Engine Life
aconRemove Excess Moisture and Water
aconBulletproof your 6.0

Bulletproof Protection That’s Been Proven

We know you care about your truck. So do we. That’s why we constantly test our filters to ensure nothing protects your engine more than Frantz.
A Third Party ran oil without a Frantz Filter for 4,711 miles.
Without changing the oil, they added a Frantz Filter and ran it for roughly 200 miles.
Just to prove our filter kit provides maximum protection, a final sample taken was from brand new Shell Rotella Motor Oil.
Frantz Filters keep oil cleaner than brand new oil.

Frantz Test Results

Protection Doesn’t Have to be a Headache to Install:

This simple to install, supplemental filter system removes solid contamination; including wear metals and dirt, from lubricating oil. The Frantz Filter Systems are capable of removing extremely small size particles from the oil by providing filtration through a densely packed filtering media. Oil flowing through the filter system is controlled at a deliberate rate, which allows for a constant source of clean oil. Watch the video to see how easy it is to install a Frantz Filter System on a 6.0!