The Ultimate Bulletproof Upgrade.

Frantz Filter Kits:

aconFilters 10x finer than OEM
aconAdditional cooling
aconEliminates 3 oil changes a year
aconRemove Excess moisture and water
aconBulletproofs your diesel
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Available in Pre-Built or Universal kits!

The Frantz Performance Filter is a key ingredient to bulletproofing your vehicle. Every bulletproof system includes different aftermarket products that increase the durability of a diesel engine. By adding the Frantz Filter to your bulletproof system, you are reinforcing each component of the kit, as well as the life and performance of the rest of your engine. If you want your truck to be tough, bulletproof it. If you’re serious about bulletproofing, you need a Frantz Performance Filter. Watch how easy it is to install our Universal kit!

The Ultimate Protection.

Your truck is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Don’t let your oil be the weak link that breaks your engine down from the inside. Keep your oil cleaner than new, cooler than OEM and inside your engine longer.