Frantz Filter 6.6L Duramax 50K Kit with TBN 32oz


*Not compatible with 2017 or 2018 model years
Product #: FKDMX6650T

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This Frantz Filter kit comes with a Quart of Hot Shot’s Secret TBN Booster to replenish detergents. This kit provides an extended drain interval of 50,000 miles.
Frantz Test
The chart shown, is a result of a 3rd party oil analysis conducted by Blackstone Laboratories. These numbers come from a 6.0 L Powerstroke F-350 with over 215,000 miles.
The initial sample was drawn from the dirty motor oil that had been run for 4,711 miles, and was close to its next scheduled oil change. The test revealed 41,182 contaminating particles at 2 microns in just this small sample.
The next sample was drawn from the same dirty oil (without being changed) after adding a Frantz Filter for just 200 miles. This test revealed just 1,641 contaminating particles at 2 microns. That is a 96% decrease in contamination after just 200 miles!
The final sample taken was from brand new Shell Rotella Motor Oil, which revealed 1,818 contaminating particles at 2 microns. When comparing the analysis of running dirty oil through the Frantz Filter for 200 miles to the analysis of brand new oil, it is evident that the Frantz Filter keeps your oil analytically cleaner than brand new oil.

This kit contains all of the parts and fittings necessary to install the Frantz Filter System on your 6.6L Duramax.


Frantz Filter System
Lock washer, bolt, and nut
Mounting screws
Spare base gaskets
Quick Disconnect
Chevy/GMC oil fill cap

Male Hose fittings
Oetiker clamps
90 degree elbows
45 degree elbows
Thread seal package
Adapter Nut and Bushings
Large adapter ring

TBN Booster SDS »
TBN Booster from Hot Shot’s Secret will raise your diesel engine’s oil TBN number up to 6 points and save 2-4 oil changes per year. TBN stands for Total Base Number. It is a measure of how much active detergent and dispersive additive is left in your engine’s oil. A TBN rating of 6-9 is typical. As miles are added, the TBN number decreases as the detergent and dispersive additives are used up. When TBN less than 5, your oil has lost its effective capacity to neutralize acid and breakdown dirt.

acon Increase oil change interval
acon Reduce maintenance and vehicle servicing times
acon Can be utilized with any commercially available engine oil
acon Increase neutralization capacity of engine oil

CAUTION: Do not overdose vehicles with a diesel particulate filter.